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At CLEAN OUR ROOF, we use our soft was system to make your roof look brand new. The chemicals we use are the only type approved by the largest roofing manufactures, including GAF, Owens Corning & more. CLEAN OUR ROOF is owned by JOHNSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LLC.

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What is soft wash roof cleaning?

Q: What is soft wash roof cleaning? This year I am looking to clean the black stains off my roof shingles.

A: Soft Wash Roof Cleaning = Chemical Cleaner & Low Pressure Rinse

AT clean our roof, we have seen an evolution in how the roof cleaning industry talks about roof tile and asphalt shingle cleaning over the last 5 years. Homeowners main concern about the roof cleaning process is the potential for damage to the roof caused by the water pressure needed to rinse the roof. In the 90’s (when roof cleaning started to become popular ) not many specialized roof cleaners had been created so pressure cleaning (using over 500 psi) was the Standard approach to Remove the algae and mold from shingles (tile roofs would use even higher pressures sometimes topping 1200 psi). stories of damage caused by this unnecessary amount of pressure spread and thus homeowners began to ask ttwo questions to roof cleaning professionalS:

Are you using bleach on my roof?
Are you using a pressure washer on my roof

Most roof cleaners will tell you the answer to the first question (are you using bleach? ) should always be NO ! However, they are incorrect. when cleaning your roof, you should only use the products specified by your roofing manufacture, and the mixture recommended by shingle manufactures includes bleach! if you use anything else that has not been approved, you will be voiding your roofing warranty.

But the answer to are you using a pressure washer really shouldn’t be no. Why? Gravity. The reality of roofs being over head means that household water pressure has to work even harder to get to the roof, which means the pressure is lower. Typically a garden hose at roof level will output no more than 45psi in a jet stream, and well under 10 psi in a fan spray.. Essentially useless!

A pressure washer (also called a power washer in some areas) is needed to get a consistent working pressure onto the roof.  Not a crazy roof drilling 3000psi of pressure, but a working pressure between 150 – 200psi.    So to get in front of the question of a pressure washer, the term soft wash roof cleaning   became one of several roof cleaning buzzwords. ( High Volume Low Pressure Rinse, Roof Shampoo and others).    All these terms mean is a sensible use of pressure to rinse the roof without damaging the shingles (or roof tiles).

So to answer your question. Soft wash is cleaning your roof with pressures below 400 psi